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The True Essence of Diwali

October 17, 2017

Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Christian or a Muslim, everyone in India celebrates Diwali. Diwali; the festival of lights, festival of new beginnings and festival of joy. As the festival draws nearer, homes are cleaned,

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5 Things to look for this Dussehra when buying an Industrial Cleaning Degreasing Chemicals for your Shop or Production Floors

September 20, 2017

What is the least favorite part of cooking – cleaning up! It takes a strong dishwashing solution and lots of muscle work to clean greasy dishes. Now imagine cleaning grease off something a hundred times

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Getting Festive- The Ecofriendly Way

August 24, 2017

Whether it’s January or September, in India, there’s always something to celebrate. Given the number of religions that are followed here, this comes as no surprise. Some things are common amongst all celebrations. For example,

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