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The Why’s and How’s of Cleaning an Industrial Space

April 20, 2018

When you picture a house, the image is of an organized, clean space. So, why should it be any different for an industry or manufacturing house? Keeping an industry floor is much more difficult as

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Tips to reduce the Cleaning Chemical Supply Expenses in Industries

February 21, 2018

Cleanliness is important for every company and institution. A clean place looks good, protects the health of people who work there and helps maintain a safe environment. It also raises morale and boosts productivity. However,

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The True Essence of Diwali

October 17, 2017

Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Christian or a Muslim, everyone in India celebrates Diwali. Diwali; the festival of lights, festival of new beginnings and festival of joy. As the festival draws nearer, homes are cleaned,

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