A Clean Place is a Safe Place

Why Cleaning has to always be high priority

Amid challenging markets and the recent demonetization by the government most companies are facing a very tight financial situation. In such times since increasing revenue is becoming more challenging most companies go on a cost cutting spree. The economic crisis has forced corporates to curb costs, including their spends on cleaning. Reducing the frequency of cleaning, cutting manpower and using inferior cleaning products are few options that they adopt.

Facility Managers are asked to reduce costs almost every year. Cleaning is seen often as a factor of luxury and not as the most basic of necessities. Unhygienic conditions at the work place can cause unforeseen consequences, that end up being very costly or reduce efficiency. Foul odor, the threats of infections and cross contamination are just few of the issues that crop up when cleaning budgets are snipped.

At times when cost of labor is only going up and statutory requirements are getting tighter it is unfortunate that the facility managers are only left with few options to reduce their costs. One of the solutions becomes reducing manpower. The high standards set in the Service Level Agreements become next to impossible with a reduced workforce. Eventually the facility manager ends up paying overtime and special allowances for the smaller workforce to finish more work.

The second option with the facility manager is to cut cost on cleaning chemical and consumables. Most of the times they end up switching to crude, potent and cheap alternatives which end up doing more damage than good. These options do not save cost to the end customer in longer run, rather end creating more capital expenses for replacement of damaged surfaces. “All cleaning contractors today have a need to cut costs. The competition is tight and clients are highly demanding. This is the gap that CareClean can fulfill. We give the Facility Managers cost effective solutions with the required efficiency and guarantee on safety of surface and manpower. And as an additional advantage we are also a certified Green Company” said Niyati Purohit, CEO at Megamorph Marketing.

“The priority given to cleanliness and hygiene must certainly be increased. The budget for cleaning usually ranges from between 0.05% to 0.1% of the total turnover. Even a 10% cost reduction on this will only result in a 0.005% to 0.01% increase in profit but a drastic reduction in quality of cleaning service provided.” She continued.

“CareClean products can give an edge to facility manager while pitching for new business. Our concentrated formulations, just in time logistics and other key factors result in a huge number of savings for the FM, that in turn can be passed on to their clients. The facility manager himself gets bound to use a certain product by mentioning in their SLA. This restricts their options in a time of need. Keeping open SLAs or SLAs with multiple options of chemicals can help them give multiple customized solutions to suit the budget of the customer.” Said Ashwin Suresh, Managing Director at Megamorph Marketing.

Companies must evaluate the catastrophic and cyclic effect this cost reduction can have on their surfaces and people and always ensure that though budgets must be optimized it should never be insufficient to provide world class cleaning. Companies too need to understand the other options for reducing their cleaning spends and always ask for different packages based on the choice of cleaning products used. There is always a right product for the right consumer and the time has come for a revolution within the market to be more customer driven than product driven.

One thing is for sure; office cleaning is one of the most important things that everyone needs to think about. The first reason is the fact that if it is ensured that the place is clean and tidy the staff will be much more efficient and absenteeism can be minimized.

In addition to this, office cleaning is vital to help to prevent things from going wrong in an office or factory. In such a stressful and fast paced environment, people don’t pay attention and this could mean that they injure themselves by slipping on something that has not been cleaned up properly.

Allowing the cleaning contractor to focus on the job that they are hired to do, which will ensure that your space is always clean and efficient. Ultimately, cleaning should be something that is a priority when you’re running a business. After all “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

  • Niyati Purohit , CEO

    Megamorph Marketing Pvt Ltd

  • Ashwin Suresh, MD

    Megamorph Marketing Pvt Ltd


A Clean Place is a Safe Place

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