Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility | CareClean

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of our organization. We have taken the most stringent standards of environmental control and ensure that our production unit & processes has the least possible carbon footprint on the planet. We undertake many social welfare activities along with our team to imbibe in them the values of our organization.

We also have partnered with the Avanti Foundation based out of Mumbai to do more and make a difference. The Avanti Foundation works towards the empowerment of women, education of children & providing clean & safe drinking water to many underprivileged. They also organize picnic & outing for orphanage children & work along with Rotary Club on urban slum development.

Avanti Foundation partners with the 'SurakshitJalDhara' in Baiganwadi

In a step towards addressing the health problems faced on account of unhealthy drinking water consumption at Baiganwadi in Govandi, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment has partnered with Rotary Club of Deonar and Avanti Foundation to launch a social platform as part of the 'SurakshitJalDhara' project.

Apart from granting the inhabitants of Baiganwadi access to safe drinking water at an affordable cost of Rs.0.50 per litre, this innovative initiative provides a great platform for locals belonging to the community, to explore their entrepreneurial-side by partaking in the managing and controlling of the Water Shop. This undertaking offers a unique opportunity to the locals to earn their livelihood by owning and supervising the operations of the water filtration units thus empowering them.

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Avanti supports the Happy School, Baiganwadi

Avanti & the Rotary club jointly support the Happy School to run more efficiently and provide resources such as tables, chairs, boards, water purifiers and computers. The children have been given a great platform to educate themselves and crave out their own successful paths in life.

Corporate Social Responsibility | CareClean CSR | CareClean

Avanti & After Taste partner in Women Empowerment

AfterTaste was born from the desire to use art to do service. So while you take a piece of art home and experience it over a period of time we know you will smile to yourself and be happy with the piece of beauty that you own. Hold on, that smile and that joy does not really end there, we help you extend it when you buy at AfterTaste.

Each product that you own has been specially hand crafted by women who could not fulfill their own dreams due to circumstance but now dream for a better life for their families. These women now earn their livelihood in a dignified way through the proceeds of the sales at AfterTaste.

Corporate Social Responsibility | CareClean CSR | CareClean Corporate Social Responsibility | CareClean CSR | CareClean