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Festival Deep Cleaning

September 13th,2022

Festive cleaning: Cleanliness is next to Godliness Cleanliness is next to Godliness! This is something all of us have grown up listening to and it is driven deep into especially during festivals and celebrations. The notion that divine energy enters only a clean home, factories or workspace, though maybe be based on superstition, it serves


Hand Wash, A Passport To Good Health

December 15th,2018

Clean Hands: Your passport to good health and hygiene! Personal hygiene is something that concerns us all and is a vital factor to consider if you aim to live a healthy life. This blog aims to shine light on an activity that we all usually take for granted, but it actually is the building block


Checklist You Need to Follow for Industrial Cleaning

August 3rd,2018

Cleaning is something which you may opt out of at home, but in industries where millions of items are produced, packaged and parcelled every day, it is M-A-N-D-A-T-O-R-Y. You could be in hospitality or healthcare or plain-old manufacturing; dirt and dust will sneak in, until and unless you take special measures. Cleaning it quick as


Caring for High Traffic Industrial Floors Made Easy

July 5th,2018

One of the biggest challenges in keeping a space clean is high traffic floor areas. High-traffic areas typically include stairwells, lobby areas, entrances and exits, restrooms, elevators, cafeterias and manufacturing areas. In some cases like factories, this may sound like the entire building! Keeping these areas clean not only makes the place look smart and


Regular Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning

May 16th,2018

One thing common between maintaining a house, office, kitchen or a factory is keeping it clean. A clean environment reduces the risk of illness and injury and boosts satisfaction and productivity levels. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather be in a clean space than in a dirty one? Keeping a place superficially clean is easy


The Why’s and How’s of Cleaning an Industrial Space

April 20th,2018

When you picture a house, the image is of an organized, clean space. So, why should it be any different for an industry or manufacturing house? Keeping an industry floor is much more difficult as compared to cleaning a house but is as important. In fact, many would argue that keeping industries clean is more


Tips to reduce the Cleaning Chemical Supply Expenses in Industries

February 21st,2018

Cleanliness is important for every company and institution. A clean place looks good, protects the health of people who work there and helps maintain a safe environment. It also raises morale and boosts productivity. However, it does come with a price tag. Hence it is important for every organization to periodically assess their cleaning processes


The True Essence of Diwali

October 17th,2017

Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Christian or a Muslim, everyone in India celebrates Diwali. Diwali; the festival of lights, festival of new beginnings and festival of joy. As the festival draws nearer, homes are cleaned, lit with diyas, decorated with flowers and the sound of crackers reverberates in the air. What makes Diwali special? The


5 Things to look for this Dussehra when buying an Industrial Cleaning Degreasing Chemicals for your Shop or Production Floors

September 20th,2017

What is the least favorite part of cooking – cleaning up! It takes a strong dishwashing solution and lots of muscle work to clean greasy dishes. Now imagine cleaning grease off something a hundred times as big as your saucepan. When it comes to industrial kitchens, floors, equipment parts and machinery, you need a much


Getting Festive- The Ecofriendly Way

August 24th,2017

Whether it’s January or September, in India, there’s always something to celebrate. Given the number of religions that are followed here, this comes as no surprise. Some things are common amongst all celebrations. For example, you wouldn’t begin any celebration without cleaning your home or buying a new set of clothes. When you think of


Make Your Hospital Infection-Free with Effective Cleaning Products

August 4th,2017

Hospitals are the breeding grounds of all types of germs, mostly invisible to the naked eye. While hospitals are the institutions that are revered for saving lives, they can also be the places that transmit diseases and illnesses through microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.4


Megamorph – Environment Friendly Cleaning

December 29th,2016

It is always important to understand the vision of a company and more importantly that of it’s founders. Get to know the thought behind CareClean & Megamorph from the founders and be a part of their vision. This coverage gives keys insights into why Careclean was started and what they plan for the future. Read


Maa Tujhe Salaam

May 10th,2015

You can’t choose who your parents are. You are born into this World clueless of the environment you will grow up in. The only thing you instinctively know is to cry and reach out to your mother. From that second until her last breath she is tied to you in a mystical bond that can


13 ways to make sure your workplace is Safe and Hygienic

April 28th,2015

Today is “World Day of Safety and Health at Work” by the UN. It is extremely important for our workplace to be safe and healthy. Maintaining high standards of Safety, Health and Hygiene at work is a mutual responsibility of the company and the employees. First lets see what are the major responsibilities of the


Restroom Germ Myths And Realities Revealed

April 16th,2015

When it comes to public restrooms, cleaning industry professionals have two important jobs: cleaning for appearance and cleaning for health. Maintaining a visibly clean restroom is important for influencing consumer perception, but harmful microorganisms, such as Shigella, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, E. coli, and norovirus are routinely found in restrooms and are associated with outbreaks of


The dirty hidden secrets of a borrowed pen

April 14th,2015

So you have been waiting for hours in the queue which is just not moving ahead. After what seems like ages, its finally your turn at the desk and the impatient, irate officer barks at you to sign the register. So you reach for your pen and damn… there is no pen! You forgot! So


Care for those, who clean for you

April 13th,2015

Every morning in newspapers all across the country, a small news item routinely appears: ‘Sweeper dies in manhole’, or ‘Sewerage worker drowns in septic tank’. The story is given a different headline every day, as the journalists play with words. Most readers do not bother to read the item, which is often just an official

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