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Maa Tujhe Salaam

You can’t choose who your parents are. You are born into this World clueless of the environment you will grow up in. The only thing you instinctively know is to cry and reach out to your mother. From that second until her last breath she is tied to you in a mystical bond that can neither be explained nor understood.

From the day you are born you become ‘numero uno’ in her life. You depend on her for your nourishment, safety & hygiene. She ensures that she cares for you in the best possible way, keeps your surroundings clean and try’s to get a few power naps along the day. Unaware of all she does to keep you a happy little baby, you continue to unconditionally love her for a reason beyond explanation.

As you grow and develop your own personality, attitude and start looking and learning about “your world”. It is not long before you start drawing comparison to other mother’s and their behaviour. You are quick to throw tantrums and get annoyed with every rule your mother makes. But through all this she still relentlessly ensures that you are nourishes, clean & safe.

All mother only want the best for their children and will do anything within their power to support their dreams. All she asks in return or rather needs in return is your love and acknowledgment or her importance in your life.

Here’s Care Clean acknowledging this inexplicable and mystical love that bonds with our mother’s for eternity. We truly care for you, and know you have truly cared for us. Happy Mother’s Day.

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