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Festival Deep Cleaning

CareClean Deep Cleaning for Festivals

Festive cleaning: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! This is something all of us have grown up listening to and it is driven deep into especially during festivals and celebrations. The notion that divine energy enters only a clean home, factories or workspace, though maybe be based on superstition, it serves as a useful reminder and a “scheduled maintenance” of sorts where you take out time to clean against a specific deadline. All superstition is fundamentally based on science, logic and reason.


With festivities around the corner, it is time we plan how we want deep clean factories and remove those tough stains and deposits.


Deep Cleaning your Shopfloor

A thorough deep cleaning of the shopfloor is essential to maintain the safety of manpower, extend the life of the floors and also help in the easy movement of goods. Heavy oil, grease and grime deposits can also lead to industrial accidents and fire. CareClean Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is specially designed to help remove all these deposits and restore your floors as good as new.


Deep Cleaning your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are prone to accumulate mineral and salt deposits on fittings, tiles, glass and ceramics. The extent of this is based on the hardness of the water used and the frequency of cleaning. This is the best time to use professionally designed de-scalers and cleaning concentrates to remove these deposits. Removal of these deposits not only makes your bathrooms shine but also extends the life of the hardware used. Deep cleaning also inhibits the growth of microorganisms on these deposits which can lead to health hazards.


Deep Cleaning your Office

When was the last time you gave the carpets in your office a good shampoo bath? When we shower and wash our clothes everyday, don’t you think the surface that accumulates maximum dirt and grime from the outside World needs some care and attention? Carpets are a dirt and germ trap and create a very cozy environment for them to grow. Deep cleaning of carpets with professional cleaning solutions is crucial to ensure good air quality, safe germ free environment and odour control. CareClean’s Carpet shampoo is designed specifically to attack these tough challenges and neutralize them without harming the softness of plush of your carpets.

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