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Hand Wash, A Passport To Good Health

Clean Hands: Your passport to good health and hygiene!

Personal hygiene is something that concerns us all and is a vital factor to consider if you aim to live a healthy life. This blog aims to shine light on an activity that we all usually take for granted, but it actually is the building block of personal hygiene; washing hands.

Washing and cleaning: Not the same

Washing your hands and cleaning your hands are two different things. Especially when you are exposed to industry-level chemicals and pollutants. According to health experts, not washing the hands properly is a major cause of stomach infection, allergy, and even food poisoning. Harmful bacteria and other microbes find their way to your digestive system through your hands. Therefore, washing your hands alone won’t just cut it, you need to clean.

The right way to clean hands!

When involved in a heavy-duty work atmosphere, the usual washing of hands is not enough. It is part of Careclean’s mission to ensure that we provide quality products and also ensure the safety of those who use them. What you need is a full-fledged protocol to make sure that your hands are safe and you stay healthy.

Here is as step-wise guide to follow:

  • Wet hands with water
  • Apply enough liquid soap to cover full hand
  • Rub hands palm to palm
  • Right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice versa
  • Palm to palm with fingers interlaced
  • Backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked
  • Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa
  • Rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa
  • Rinse hands with water
  • Dry thoroughly under hand dryer
  • Sanitize your hands

A healthy protocol for everyone

While this protocol is designed for those working in hazardous environments, the same must be followed by everyone. The regular electronic gadgets like out laptops and our phones carry millions of bacteria and microbes. Making a habit of thoroughly washing your hands especially before eating will ensure that you don’t fall prey to any harmful bacteria or infections.

In short, this is not a mere protocol, it is your passport to good health!

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