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Getting Festive- The Ecofriendly Way

Whether it’s January or September, in India, there’s always something to celebrate. Given the number of religions that are followed here, this comes as no surprise. Some things are common amongst all celebrations. For example, you wouldn’t begin any celebration without cleaning your home or buying a new set of clothes.
When you think of festivities, your mind is filled with happiness but not all aspects of our celebrations are so gay. The plastic decorations you use, the chemical laden colours used to paint idols etc all contribute towards polluting the environment. This can lead to issues like the Bellander Lake incident where the lake caught fire. Hence, every effort must be taken to address ecological concerns while we celebrate. Here are a few ecofriendly ways you could make a difference.

Eco friendly Idols

Big is not always better. For many festivals, families place an idol in their home for a few days after which it will be immersed in a water body. Traditionally, idols are made from clay but with time, plaster of Paris has become a popular material because of its low costs. However, plaster of Paris idols make the environment pay a very heavy price. So, instead of these idols, choose a small idol made of ecofriendly materials like clay or papier mache. Instead of immersing your idol in a lake or river, take advantage of artificial immersion tanks.

Save Energy

In India, lights are an integral part of any festivity. However, their use can be controlled. CFLS or compact florescent lights are energy saving as compared to traditional incandescent lights and bulbs. If you want to light up your home, don’t take the easy way out and string fairy lights all over. Instead, light a few diyas and candles.
Eco friendly decorations
Avoid using die cut thermocol and chemical colours to decorate your puja room. Instead use natural colours and flowers to create beautiful rangolis. Use paper and cloth to make ornaments and decorations. These are biodegradable and if stored properly can even be reused next year. Think of the time you spend making these decorations as an opportunity for your family to do something together. Afterall, festivals are intended to bring people closer.

Lower the Volume

Loudspeakers blasting music have become synonymous with Indian festivals. However, God can hear even the lowest whisper. Hence, put the loudspeakers away and tone down the volume of your celebrations.
Use EcoFriendly Materials to Clean Your Home
One of the first steps to preparing your home for any festival is to clean it. You may not realize it but while the chemical cleaners you use cleanse your home, they pollute the environment. Hence, look for ecofriendly cleaning products. These will keep your home sparkling and keep the environment clean as well.
In this way, you can join CareClean in making the world a safer, cleaner and better place to live in. CareClean offers a range of cleaning products approved by WQA certified labs for your home and office. From floor and glass cleaners to dish wash liquids, we offer a green solution to keeping your space clean.

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