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5 Things to look for this Dussehra when buying an Industrial Cleaning Degreasing Chemicals for your Shop or Production Floors

What is the least favorite part of cooking – cleaning up! It takes a strong dishwashing solution and lots of muscle work to clean greasy dishes. Now imagine cleaning grease off something a hundred times as big as your saucepan. When it comes to industrial kitchens, floors, equipment parts and machinery, you need a much stronger cleaning solution. This is where Industrial degreasing agents come in. These heavy-duty cleaning agents help lift grease, oils and dirt from difficult to clean surfaces.

Picking the Right Degreaser
A number of factors go into choosing the right cleaning product. It must fit your budget, it must be strong enough, it shouldn’t harm the surface or product it is used to clean etc. Above all, picking a ‘green company’ certified product is essential for industries with eco-friendly mandates. Let’s take a closer look at 5 things you should look for when picking a degreasing agent.

• Fast Acting
The best agents for industrial cleaning are the ones that act fast and clean thoroughly. When it comes to cleaning floors, these cleaning solutions should also be quick to dry.

• Non Toxic
Conventional degreasing agents can be harmful is inhaled or if they come in contact with your skin. Hence, look for non-toxic, degreasing products that do not contain bleach, ammonia or phosphates. Though you will still need to be careful while working with these products, a non-toxic product is much safer to use.

• Effective on Multiple Surfaces
Look for a degreaser that works effectively on metal, tile, stone, epoxy, concrete and all other such surfaces. This way, the same degreaser can be used to clean your countertops as well as you machinery. This is not only cost friendly but also minimizes the risk of causing damage by using the wrong product to clean something.

• Eco Friendly
Pick a degreaser that is free from harmful chemicals, does not emit fumes, is biodegradable and does not have any special disposal requirements. This ensures that while your workplace is kept clean, your workers health is also protected.

• Cost Effective
Cleaning is a regular activity and hence buying a degreaser is not a one-time investment. The ideal cleaning agent is effective enough to be used just once to clean a surface and is budget friendly at the same time.

Knowing how to use a cleaning agent is as important as picking the right product. Make sure you read the information that comes along with your degreaser to be able to use it safely and effectively. To clean floors with a mechanized scrubber, your degreasing agent will need to be diluted according to the specifications mentioned on the product. However, to clean grease that is set into machine parts etc., it may be sprayed directly and allowed to stand on the surface before it is scrubbed off. This must be followed by rinsing the product in order to remove the grease deposits.

CareClean industrial degreasers can be used on machinery, indoor areas like shop floors, workshops and kitchens as well as outdoor parking lots. It is India’s first and only ‘Green Company’ certified brand that manufactures Industrial cleaning solutions.

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