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The True Essence of Diwali

Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Christian or a Muslim, everyone in India celebrates Diwali. Diwali; the festival of lights, festival of new beginnings and festival of joy. As the festival draws nearer, homes are cleaned, lit with diyas, decorated with flowers and the sound of crackers reverberates in the air.

What makes Diwali special?

The triumph of good over evil is the main theme of this 5 day festival. According to Hindu mythology, Diwali marks the end of Lord Ram’s exile. On this day, he and his wife, Sita returned triumphant after defeating Ravan, the demon king. In his honour, the city was decorated and lights were lit to symbolize the victory of light over darkness.

The True Celebration of Diwali

Especially for children, Diwali is synonymous with fire crackers. However, while the lights and sounds they create may last only a few seconds, their ill effects last much longer. Firecrackers are a cause for concern when it comes to air pollution and aggravate hearing issues. Thus, the trend is slowly but surely moving towards a more ecofriendly celebration sans firecrackers. With this, the true essence of Diwali-preparing oneself to welcome God; is once again emerging.

Thus, the first step towards celebrating this festival is to clean everything around us. Get rid of old, broken things and clean out your wardrobes and cupboards. Everything from the floors to the ceiling fans and everything in between must be sparkling. A product that can clean floors is not going to be the best thing to clean your windows. Hence, it is important to choose the right cleaning products. Stay away from harsh chemicals and choose nontoxic cleansers that are ecofriendly and budget friendly. Also, read the instructions carefully before using any cleaning product. It isn’t just your home that needs to be cleaned. This effort should extend to your vehicles, offices, factories and communities.

Once your house is sparkling, decorate it with floral rangolis and earthen diyas. Electrical lights may seem more convenient but cannot compare to the charm of a flickering diya. You can also use coloured rice or other nontoxic colours to create vibrant rangolis. Upcycle old saris and dupattas into curtains and window drapes to add an ethnic touch to your home. If you know of a good tailor, these can even be made into dressy cushion covers.
Remember, Diwali isn’t about making a loud noise but rather about celebrating warmth and a community spirit. CareClean has a range of ecofriendly cleaning products that can be used on multiple surfaces. We are India’s first and only ‘Green Company’ certified brand and offer a green solution to keeping your home & Industries clean. On that note, we wish you a bright and prosperous Diwali!

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