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13 ways to make sure your workplace is Safe and Hygienic

Today is “World Day of Safety and Health at Work” by the UN. It is extremely important for our workplace to be safe and healthy. Maintaining high standards of Safety, Health and Hygiene at work is a mutual responsibility of the company and the employees.

First lets see what are the major responsibilities of the Company to ensure all the employees are safe and healthy at workplace:

  1. Having enough emergency exits, fire alarms and sprinklers.
  2. Regular emergency drills.
  3. First aid training and First aid kits should be easily accessible.
  4. Emergency numbers like fire brigade, ambulance, police etc. should be displayed in appropriate places.
  5. If work involves exposure to hazards, use of Personal Protection Equipment should be mandatory and available at all times.
  6. Rest Rooms should be cleaned and sanitized at least twice a day. Tissue, soap and paper towels should be available in adequate supplies. If desired, air freshener may be sprayed.
  7. Good and effective housekeeping team is very important for safe and hygiene workplace. Housekeeping is not just cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly; maintaining halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards; and removing of waste materials (e.g., paper, cardboard) and other fire hazards from work areas.

Personal hygiene plays a very important in healthy living. It becomes more critical at workplace as a large number of individuals use common resources. By following these small tips, you can avoid lot of diseases.

  1. Sneezing and coughing are the main reason of spreading infection. Coughing or sneezing can spread these bacteria for a surprisingly large distance.
  2. If you have any cuts, scrapes, sores, etc. these wounds must be completely covered by waterproof dressings and suitable gloves. It’s a good idea to use colored dressings that can be easily located if they fall off. Waterproof dressings can also protect cuts from contamination or irritation and prevent them from going septic.
  3. Wash your hand after every use of restroom and before eating. Always use hand wash soap and a clean, dry paper towel to turn off the tap. Dry hands and nails with an air dryer, single service roller towel or paper towel to avoid re-contaminating them.
  4. Carry your own pen and stationary all the time. Avoid sharing pens.
  5. Your cellphone and computer are the hot spots of germs. Clean and sanitize them regularly.


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