The science behind a clean floor

Client: Major Automobile Manufacturer

Areas: Factory Floor, Common Area and Restrooms

Manufacturing automobiles is literally a heavy task. Even heavier is the task of maintaining the facilities and ensuring that they continue functioning without any hitch or safety related incidents.

Facility management: A Science

Facility management in such large-scale operations is literally a science as keeping the oil and grease at bay and keeping the factory floor clean requires a lot of knowledge & expertise. Using the right chemicals in the right proportion is the key to a clean and safe work area, especially in a heavy-duty environment like automobile manufacturing.

The Challenge: Oily and greasy work floor

As industry leaders and experts in providing quality housekeeping products, we often like to take up challenging scenarios and test our knowledge along with our products. India’s well known & trusted facility management company gave us this challenge. They were already using international products on that surface but still having issues with the oil and grease just refusing to leave the surface.

Dirty Work Floor: Safety Hazard

The factory floor sees a lot of movement on foot and forklifts. A slippery floor could spell disaster for the company any moment. A single safety incident could put the entire production line at risk of being shutdown and result in heavy losses by the minute

Care Clean Remedy: Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner & Degreaser

A quick audit of the floor and our team of experts knew what was needed. It was time to bring out the arsenal and unleash our heavy-duty floor cleaner and degreaser along with ride-on scrubber vacuum machine.

Right Proportion: Always does the trick!

This is where industry expertise helps. While anyone could use any product and machine to clean the floor, the actual results were only seen after the right proportion was used.Our team diluted 100 ml of the product with 1 litre of water used it and the results are there for you to see! Seeing the heavy nature of operation, we suggested the client to repeat this at least 2 times every shift.

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