Scaling past the challenge

Restroom and Common areas: Hygiene Matters

Once Care Clean team of experts took care of the big challenge of the oily and greasy factory floor, it was time to move on to the restrooms and common areas. A clean and neat looking restroom is an essential part of making your workforce feel good and welcome. Our team carefully inspected the susceptible areas and made the following observations.

  • Heavy scaling and salt deposits in restroom fitting
  • Heavy scaling on tiles
  • Stains on urinals
  • Rust marks and factory residue on flooring
  • Corrosion on some fittings

Most of the damage that we noticed was due to scaling. The floor tiles had been neglected for quite some time and had heavy sediments of grime and factory residue.

The team decided to use Tile Scale Remover which is known to work wonders in such conditions. The product is harsh on the scaling but safe to use. It was sprayed and allowed to soak for few minutes. Then the areas were scrubbed with green scrub pad and rinsed with water.

The Results: Seeing is believing!

Care Clean’s team of experts were able to get satisfactory results by using Care Clean products in their right proportion. The client was happy to see their big problem area solved. The team then quickly met the housekeeping team at the facility and emphasised on the right proportions of cleaning products. Care Clean not only takes care of cleaning but also the person who does the cleaning. Gloves and masks are highly recommended by Care Clean experts during the cleaning process.

Care Clean: Experts who care!

CareClean is a brand of Megamorph Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which is India's First & Only certified Green Company by GC Mark, Germany & DQS in the scope of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning products & liquids.

CareClean stands for caring about you by providing solutions for all challenging & varied requirements. With experience of over 15years, we are redefining the standards of cleanliness in India.

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