Hospitality and Hygiene Challenges

Client: A Historic Private Club in Sports and Hospitality Industry

Areas: Kitchen and Restrooms

Industry Case Study by CareClean Experts


Hospitality industry demands high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Every nook and corner must be spick and span. This is one industry that we love catering to and team CareClean never misses a chance to visit properties and offer demos that showcase how the right cleaning product in right proportion can work wonders for hotels, resorts and other similar establishments.

A Landmark Location

One such quest took us to a landmark location in Mumbai; a private club incorporated in 1933, with an objective to promote cricket and other sports in the country. The club today serves eminent dignitaries from the world of sports. Having a membership of this club is a matter of pride.

Hospitality Industry and Challenges Faced

Ask the General Manager of any 5-star property and they would tell you that maintaining the kitchen is on top of his/her list of challenges. This property has multiple kitchens with multiple banquet areas and separate restrooms in each area. Given the huge number of visitors on daily basis, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in such a facility is definitely a herculean task.

Team CareClean in Action

We started right where we felt we were needed most; the kitchen area. After a thorough inspection, our team of experts made the following observations:

  • Very greasy and oily floor
  • Scaling and Oil deposits on all kitchen equipment
  • Chemical used for cleaning utensils was too harsh on the staff’s hands

It is part of CareClean’s mission to provide products that are safe for the surface, environment and most importantly for the housekeeping staff using them.

Taking Care of the Greasy Kitchen Floor

Our team found that the floor required a lot of attention as it has been left oily and greasy due to continuous exposure to food spill and heavy activity in the area. Team CareClean understands the science behind cleaning such heavy-duty environments. That’s why we decided to use Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner, a highly alkaline solution that breaks down the stubborn oily and greasy deposits. While we would like to tell you that it worked like a charm just like they show in ads, the reality was that the floor was so dirty that it took us 2 applications to get satisfactory results.

Scaled Kitchen Fittings

As evident from the images, the kitchen fittings like washbasins and sinks had scaling due to continuous exposure to water. From our experience and practice, we have learnt to tackle these types of situations effectively. The credit for this goes to CareClean’s Kitchen Descaler, a product that has gotten us much acclaim. It is a highly effective and non-corrosive cleaner that completely removes all kinds of salt deposits, scaling and mineral stains from ceramic tiles, fittings and drains, etc. It took us some time and effort, but the end results were satisfactory for the client as well as our team.

Taking Care of Kitchen Utensils

Utensils in a commercial kitchen are bound to get dirty and require constant washing and cleaning. Too much chemical content in utensil cleaning solutions can harm the cutlery as well as the hands of the staff engaged in washing and cleaning. Our team used Utensil Cleaner Plus which is applied directly and then rinsed off with water. It did its work and our team was able to get desirable results as evident in the before and after images.

Restrooms; the real test of hospitality

Proper maintenance of restroom areas is important for every establishment but in hospitality industry it is a matter of pride. Team CareClean found the following challenge areas at the club’s facility:

  • Scaling of Tiles
  • ScalingScaling of Bathroom Fittings
  • ScalingStained Toilet Bowls

CareClean Solutions for restrooms

Team CareClean swung into action and went to work in the restroom areas. The tiles and bathroom fittings had scaling and deposits all over them. Our specially formulated Tile Scale Remover came handy and helped us get rid of the scales from the tiles and bathroom fittings. The tiles had been ignored for quite some time and definitely needed more care. We advised the facility manager to continue with the use of Tile Scale Remover on daily basis for best results.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: Finding the right balance

This is perhaps one area of the restroom that required utmost attention and care. Constant use of the toilet by visitors had left a visible mark on the condition of the toilet bowls in the facility. Team CareClean swung into action with Toilet Bowl Cleaner; their trusted weapon of choice for such tasks. This Specially formulated solution works great for all kinds of stains in WCs, urinals & drain traps. This uniquely-blended acidic formula was able to give the team realistic and visible results.

The Results and Analysis

This visit and the demo once again helped us establish a very simple fact that a well-designed cleaning product can deliver better results than heavy chemicals. Continuous cleaning in the right way with right products is very important in hospitality industry as the constant inflow of visitors hardly gives the maintenance team any time to carry out deep cleaning drives at regular intervals.

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